The Conceptions of Learning: A Qualitative Analysis of Dental Students’ and Teachers’ Perspective at Hamdard University Dental Hospital

  • Ayesha Basit Hamdard University
  • Syeda Farhat Bukhari
Keywords: AMEE Guide, Learning Conceptions, Lifelong Learning, Learning Preferences, Metacognition, Teaching Conceptions


Objective: To identify learning and teaching conceptions in both students as well as teachers of Dentistry. The spectrum of students’ and teachers’ learning conceptions, presented in this study, is expected to help the teachers better understand their students’ diversified requirements and hence select appropriate teaching strategies.

Materials and Methods: A questionnaire with consent and 5 open ended questions constructed on google forms was distributed to undergraduate students of dentistry, postgraduate trainees, and faculty members. Qualitative analysis of participants’ responses was performed following Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Guide No 131.

Results: The study participants’ views about a good learner were mainly found to be teacher centred. The undergraduate students were more expressive by using a wide range of words for their learning conceptions and expectations. The main teaching conceptions mentioned by the study participants were behaviour modification in addition to spread of knowledge and facilitation. Teaching was considered an art and a noble profession by the student participants.

Conclusion: The range of conceptions about learning and teaching presented in the study especially by the students, reinforce the need for the teachers to identify them periodically throughout the course. Relating students’ conceptions with one’s own and modifying the teaching strategies, accordingly, contribute to making of an effective teacher.